Shipping and return policies for Bandits Never Die

Shipping Info
A Few Things:

- We are working to preserve something that was a big part of our lives for a really long time, and should & will be in the future.
- We are normal people, with normal lives. We are not a Hollywood Record Label, with a staff of people making sure this is working 24/7.
- We greatly appreciate your interest in what we are doing and your contributions toward keeping it going - every little bit helps.

*Please do not address physical mail to "BANDITS", please leave the TO section blank. (It looks weird at the USPS)

*We get busy just like everyone, please don't email us 20 times or draw disputes on PayPal against us please, those things only create further unresolved issues, and that's just not what we are in this for.

*When your order is processed you will receive a confirmation email from Bandcamp to let you know your package is making its way to the post.

*Expect diy packaging or as close to it. please allow at the very minimum for delivery.

*We tend to do fewer shipping trips at higher quantities when we do them, to maintain our routine and not go to the post office every single day.

*We do not go to the post office every single day*
Return Policy
just email us. we will fix you up.